Core Services – at a Glance

  • Motivational Speaking

    Ronmas is driven by a desire to inspire other people – young and old to be the best they can be. As a motivational speaker, Ronmas customises talks according to clients’ needs. He speaks at corporates, churches, community events, radio stations and many other platform as invited. Some of Ronmas’ talks include; action it, the meaning of success to me, the winning mentality, forgiveness, perseverance and thinking big in a small room.

  • Life & Business Coaching

    We driven by the burning desire to inspire others to grow, develop and improve their lives.

    We providing coaching to individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners to realise and put into practice the great and good things they desire. Size and level of the business does not matter as the coaching process takes one from where they are to the next level. Any problem has a solution for it. It is our firm belief that anyone can start their business immediately after a coaching session.

    Some of the most prominent topics dealt with include amongst others; how to start a business without funding, how to increase profits or sales, how to expand an existing business, how to rescue a business from falling.

  • Product Endorsement

    As a public figure, speaker and business coach, Ronmas uses his network, associates and followership to endorse products, events and services at a fee. He gives approval or recommendation to products or events in a public manner.