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    The difference between My Turn and My Time gave birth to My Turn Magazine which carries inspirational articles and advertisements.

    Understanding the difference between these two correctly allocates people to their correct space and time. The difference between my time and my turn can be seen in the following 2 examples;

    • A person goes to a bank which closes at 11h00. At 10h55, a person can be allowed in because they are on time, it is their time to go inside the bank. Once they are inside there may be a long queue which makes it impossible for the person to be serviced immediately. Though they were in time it is not their turn to receive a service.
    • A patient with a confirmed doctor’s appointment for 10h00, upon arrival at the doctor’s room the patient will not be seen if the doctor is still busy with another patient in the consulting room. Though the patient was in time or it was their time to be seen by the doctor they will not be seen until their turn comes.

    Correctly so, a lot of people were told that it is their time but to this day nothing has happened. This relates to jobs, marriages, businesses, studies and healing amongst others. Yes, it might have been your time but it was not your turn. Your time first then your turn. Your turn can, however, come before your time. My turn is bigger and better than my time. “My time is my time, God’s time is my turn.” Ronmas. Your turn can never be postponed or delayed by any authority, system or man.

    Instead, influential people will have a burning desire and an urgent need to support your course and you will be shocked how and what it is that you have done to deserve it. That would be your turn.

    Wait for your turn. Whilst you wait for it, please celebrate with those whose turn has come before yours – for you cannot attract that which you speak against. Do not rejoice when one falls or fails. Your turn is bigger. Your turn cannot never be postponed. Your turn will shock even your enemies. Wait for your turn!

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